hello austria…

ok, so maybe it’s more like “hello wine from austria” but hey, we’re still excited. we were super pumped to see that this month’s wine club shipment was featuring austria because quite honestly, we’ve never had any type of wine from this country. and what we love about this wine club is the fact that we get to explore and try new things. now upon opening our shipment, we were instantly bewildered on how to pronounce any of the wines, which made for a really entertaining session of attempting to read the wine labels. needless to say, we never figured it out.

but on a serious note, the wine so far is fantastic. for our first selection, we ended up picking a wine that we were a little more familiar with, a riesling – the 2016 schloss gobelsburg riesling. now typically people will think of riesling as a sweeter wine, but there are some drier selections out there – this one included. i love that way our handout described this wine as it couldn’t be more true, “the 2016 riesling is zesty and firm, full of vibrant energy and verve.” such a fun way to describe a wine, isn’t it?!

and we ended up pairing this wine with a delicious, and might i add beautiful, homemade charcuterie board. yes if you read my blog on occasion, we LOVE a good charcuterie board. i think it makes us feel like we are over in europe, sitting at a bistro. and it paired lovely with this drier riesling, picking up a little more on the crispness of the wine. now our education handout material also recommends pairing this wine with spicy, full-flavored cuisine, cheeses, and salads. seems like we made a great selection, and i just love how versatile this type of wine can be!

we can’t wait to explore more from this month’s shipment…and only two more weeks until we FINALLY get to visit verve wine’s storefront in NYC. we cannot contain our excitement.

stay tuned for more updates.

until next time

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