nyc’s wine gem

we are back from the big apple, and man i wish we had more time in the city. i swear, we say that every single time. there is something just so infectious about new york city, and it’s truly one of our favorite places to visit?! and on this trip, we were so excited to visit a particular location, one you may have heard me talk about for a while…verve wine! so guess what one of our very first stops in the city was…you guessed it!

and what an incredible gem of a store. located in tribeca, we literally walked in and were amazed by the wine selection; there were so many options that we had never heard of before. but i think that is the beauty of this location. and not only did they have wine, but also an assorted selection of spirits…yep, keith definitely browsed the whiskey and bourbon selection. now as we were browsing through, none other than dustin wilson, master sommelier, was in the store. yep, we definitely had a bit of a wine geek out moment. if you don’t know who dustin is, watch the somm documentary series on netflix which follows him and a group of sommeliers in their journey to pass the¬†prestigious master sommelier exam. trust me you will not be disappointed, especially if you are a wine fan. not only was he in the store, but he was generous enough to walk around the store with us and give us so much insight about the wines we were interested in.

i seriously don’t know how these master sommeliers remember so much information about wine. it is absolutely mind-boggling. but honestly that’s what made this trip so different than going to your local grocery to pick up some wine. we felt like we learned so much during this trip and we are so excited to try out some of the wines we selected. we ended up selecting a few “up and coming” wine labels, and honestly all of them are wines that we have never tried before. we wanted to take the opportunity to dive in and try something new! and i mean, i don’t think we can really go wrong with the recommendations we received.

we already had the chance to pop open a couple bottles that we selected (deciding to have those throughout our trip), and i can already tell you, we have not been disappointed. between the crispness of the ruppert-leroy ‘les cognaux’ brut nature champagne to the deliciousness of the colombera & garella vispavola, they were literally picked so perfectly for our palettes.

if you live in new york, or just visiting for vacation, i highly recommend visiting this wine location. thank you verve wine and dustin for the incredible experience. we can’t wait to visit again in the future.

stay tuned for some upcoming wine “feature” posts.

until next time

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