why i #runtrackshack

happy medal monday everyone! as we are almost two months into 2018, i’ve been reflecting a lot about my running journey…especially as i train for my hardest running challenge to date. i had always been intrigued by running over the years (especially after finishing gymnastics), participating in the occasional 5k and also taking part in a ragnar relay. however, i was always nervous about jumping “all-in” because of how bad my knees were post-gymnastics. and honestly, i was always told to probably stay away from running because of all the knee surgeries i had as an athlete. but after moving back to orlando, i wanted to explore running a little further and my first race was none other than one hosted by track shack – the lady track shack 5k race.

and that race started my love for this incredible brand. i will never forget how nervous i was to run that day, especially since i was still a beginner runner who really didn’t have a lot of experience at races. i think at that point, i had run in only 5-7 races. but the community that i saw at this race was absolutely incredible. i felt so welcomed, and from that moment i knew that the orlando running community was something special. i mean there were so many kinds of runners there…young, old, elite to interval runners! the variety of people that you see at these races just showcases what this brand has been able to do over the years. not only can they appeal to those fast elite runners, but also to a person who may be running their first race. and since my first track shack race, i have been an avid fan – being an fanatic for the past two years…and i know i will be signing up for several more years to come.

but not only have the races been incredible, but every time i visit their store or attend a training program, i have nothing but positive experiences. the entire staff has such a passion for not only running, but people! they care about the people who walk into their store and want to set each person up for success on their running journey! and this past year, i have had the incredible privilege to be an ambassador as part of team track shack. hopefully in this time, i’ve been able to inspire some of you out there in the orlando running community. i know i am a firm believer that each and every one of us has our own journey, and that’s what truly makes this sport so incredible?! i’ve met so many people over the years and i think that is probably one of my favorite parts of this entire experience. so thank you track shack for making our orlando running community what it is today, and cheers to many more years!

i can’t wait to see everyone at the winter park road race 10k at the end of march! if you’re not registered yet, there is still time. be sure to visit winterparkroadrace.com to sign up!

until next time

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