nyc, here we come

new york, new york…it’s a hell of a town!

we are officially going back to the big apple. and this time, we are visiting over the wonderful st. patrick’s day weekend. neither one of us have gone during this time of the year, so we are pretty excited to check out what it’s like over the holiday. there is always something about new york for me…i don’t know if it’s the fantasy of living in that vibrant city, or just the incredible times that i’ve had while visiting, but it feels like a second home. keith and i always like to say that it is “our place” outside of our home city of orlando. it’s the first trip we ever took together, so it holds a really special place in our hearts.

and, we already have a few things on our list for the trip including: seeing anastasia on broadway, visiting the verve wine storefront and more! and while we have some of our favorite places from previous visits, we are definitely looking for any suggestions on some top spots for st. paddy’s day!

so i want to hear from you all…what are your MUST-DO spots in nyc over the holiday weekend? comment below.

until next time


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