kessel run challenge

ahhhhh…yep that is my excitement level at the moment. why you ask? i recently found out that rundisney is going to have a star wars virtual half marathon, allowing those participants who are registered for the dark side half marathon (or first order challenge) in april to complete a half marathon between january 3 – march 31, 2018 to earn the coveted millennium falcon medal. now, the star wars half marathon – the light side was a race that i was planning to complete in 2018 before it ended up being cancelled later last year, so this was such great news. and better yet, i don’t have to worry about traveling and can complete the race anytime, anywhere!

so naturally, i have already signed up! and i can officially say that i am completing the “light and dark side” half marathons – a goal of mine from last year. it may be the unconventional way from previous years, but hey?! it works for me. i’ve always wanted that kessel run challenge medal and i FINALLY get to earn it.

so how does the virtual race work?

the star wars virtual half marathon lets you run at your own pace, on your own course! and in order to complete the kessel run challenge, you must be signed up for the star wars dark side half marathon or first order challenge. and for those kessel run challenge participants, you’ll receive the star wars virtual half marathon medal and star wars-themed keepsake at the rundisney health & fitness expo during the star wars half marathon – the dark side race weekend; then upon completion of the dark side half marathon, you’ll be rewarded the coveted kessel run challenge medal. the star wars virtual half marathon is only $59, and the kessel run challenge is $69.

so star wars running fans unite! and be sure to share your race moments by using #starwarsvirtualhalf. for more information, visit

until next time

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