sights set on 2018

with starting a new year, it’s time to start setting some new goals. and for me, this means some more running goals for 2018 – in addition to a few others. as some of you may have followed last year, it was my challenge to complete 5 half marathons in 2017, in addition to signing up for some upcoming events for 2018. and after successfully completing that challenge (while also breaking a PR for my half marathon), this year is primarily focused on one MAJOR milestone…running my VERY FIRST MARATHON! so my list may be a little shorter than in previous years…but it’s something that i wanted to complete before i am 30, so i will have just under a year of padding once i finish the race next year.

running goals

  • complete the 2018 chicago marathon
  • hit a personal record: under 1 hour 10k

but thankfully, i already have a handful of races that are planned for the upcoming year as well (which is also double as some great training runs leading into the bulk of my chicago marathon training):

  • park ave 5k
  • lady track shack 5k – virtual
  • run 4 love 4 mile
  • winter park road race 10k
  • star wars: dark side half marathon (3rd year in a row)
  • chicago marathon – meeting 100%+ of my fundraising goal

but in addition to running goals, one other focus of mine is to learn a little more about wine. it’s started to become a passion of mine this year, especially with learning more through our wine club memberships. so my hope is to continue to build my knowledge base to one day become a level 1/2 sommelier.

here’s to new challenges and goals.

until next time

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