december cheers!

can anyone else believe that we are in the month of december already? i feel like this year has passed us by so quickly. and as i think back on the year, we’ve done so much…multiple half marathons, a european adventure, and more! i believe sometimes we forget all of the great moments and we need to sit back and realize what life has had to offer us. we live in such a fast-paced world now-a-days, so what better way to enjoy a moment than enjoying a wonderful bottle of wine on the couch with your love.

so what wine did we choose to enjoy from our grand tour shipment? a 2016 matthiasson chardonnay from napa valley. now according to our handout, steve matthiasson actually has seven vineyards across napa and sonoma, AND is considered “hands down one of the most brilliant winemakers in the entire north coast.” now if that doesn’t get you excited as someone who loves wine, i don’t know what will. and wow, when we first opened this bottle, we could immediate smell the fruity aroma which then translated into a delicious apple flavor when we tasted the wine.

now, we typically don’t typically choose chardonnay, however after tasting this wine we may start to expand our scope to try new things. and this particular wine is best paired with chicken, fatty fish and creamy pasta dishes. we ended up pairing this wine with a delicious seasoned baked chicken, some rice and bean sprouts – and it was delicious.

but only one more wine left for our “north of the bay” grand tour. and with the holiday season coming up, there is a great option for the wine lovers in your life to gift them a box from the grand tour subscription! stay tuned for more updates and learn more at

until next time

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