#ouchalf recap

whoa guys, i can’t believe i am saying this but i have officially finished five (i repeat, 5) half marathons this year. my 2017 goal is finally complete?! it seriously has felt like a long time coming until i could reach this goal…but I DID IT! with that being said, it definitely didn’t come without some hardship, maybe a bit of pain and doubt. however it also came with this grand feeling of accomplishment, success and knowing that i completed something that didn’t even seem possible. i am still just in shock that my goal is complete AND that the end of the year is almost here. where did this year go?

now those hardships that i talked about definitely existed during yesterday’s ouc half marathon. it was by far my slowest race, but honestly i wouldn’t trade that for the world. between recent sickness, an extremely busy work schedule and really just the chaos of life, my training was definitely lacking prior to my last few races. so needless to say, i wasn’t anticipating the greatest run of my life yesterday. however, i think sometimes it’s best to take a step back and realize that sometimes “performance results” doesn’t matter. at times that feeling is still ingrained in me after begin in athletics for so long, and i have to realize “hey, this is for fun – to maintain a healthy lifestyle that you want to live.”

and thankfully, i was able to fully live out that statement yesterday, running with a good friend of mine – we decided to make the goal of the race to finish safely and to have fun. and we did just that?! and honestly having a running partner yesterday was exactly what i needed to push through because trust me, bad knees and brick paver roads are NOT the best of friends! so keeping in mind of the goal, we ended up walking a lot of that area – which also allowed us to enjoy the scenery and take it all in. which for me was the best way to experience this race because it was my first ouc half marathon. i am always just amazed by the incredible support during half marathons and the orlando community did not disappoint. and i mean, i may have been able to pet a few puppies along the route which for me made my entire morning!

but although my 2017 half marathon goal is complete, now is the time to reflect and start thinking about next year. and one of those potential 2018 goals rides on an email that i will be receiving in a few short days…do i get into the chicago marathon or not? it’s honestly amazing how one decision can be extremely exciting and yet terrifying all at the same time. if i do get in, this will be my very first marathon EVER! so that alone is a bit daunting, but “seize the day” right?! stay tuned on december 12th to see what my fate is for the marathon.

but i want to hear from all of you…what accomplishments have you had this year? be sure to comment below to share some of your successes!

until next time

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