it’s holiday season

it’s holiday season, and what better way to celebrate than with a glass of wine and decorating the house! seriously decorating for christmas is probably one of my favorite things to do…i will admit, we got back from our thanksgiving trip and putting the tree up was the first thing i did when we got home. it just makes the house feel like home (i may already have presents wrapped under the tree). and i mean, what goes with decorating better than a glass of delicious wine. am i right?

so what wine was selected for this special occasion? a 2014 scribe riesling from sonoma. now this wine comes from a winery that was founded in 2007 by andrew and adam mariani and they focus more on the non-interventionist style of winemaking. now i wasn’t really sure what that meant, but it means “that nature and its elements dictate the expression of the wines.” and wow, this wine was delicious – high acidity levels that really brought out the fruit flavor and had the perfect amount of dryness for this white. of course, in my opinion.

now this particular wine is suggested to be paired with crisp salads and shellfish due to the mineral-driven palate and striking acidity. though, it’s also known to be a great wine to sip on solo before dinner. and that may have been exactly what i did?! i mean, sometimes you just want to open a nice bottle of wine to really enjoy everything that wine has to offer.

but the journey “north of the bay” continues through the grand tour. stay tuned for more updates and learn more at

until next time

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