north of the bay

another shipment has arrived from the grand tour…and can anyone guess what our next destination is? we didn’t have to travel too far staying in the united states, but focused on a region that everyone knows – north of the bay (napa valley, sonoma valley and green valley). as much as i love trying wines outside of the united states, i actually feel like i am least educated on the wines in our very own country. so needless to say, we were excited to see that this was the focus of the month.

and we took our first “northern california” adventure with a 2016 wind gap soif. a little bit of a fun fact that we learned was the word “soif” is actually french for the word thirst. now this wine is a blend of valdiguie, syrah, dolcetto and mourvedre, and is 100% carbonically macerated. i know, you’re probably thinking – what does that mean? i thought the same thing as well…so naturally i took to the internet to find out more. come to learn, carbonically macerated is a “winemaking technique in which whole grapes are fermented in a carbon dioxide rich environment prior to crushing.”

now this particular wine is suggested to be paired with one of our favorites…charcuterie! now i may have been way to excited about our new shipment and forgot to read that it is best to chill the wine for a short period of time before drinking, so needless to say our first glass was a little warm – but it was still delicious and our next glass was even better (after we chilled the bottle a bit).

this was a fantastic way to kick off our journey “north of the bay,” but¬†unfortunately, this area has been hit hard with the devastating fires that have torn through northern california. so this month, verve wine is donating 10% of all california wine purchases on to support the fire relief in the napa/sonoma area.

stay tuned for more updates.

until next time

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