back at it…

well, if today’s run could have a theme it would be “clear your mind.” over the past few weeks, so many things have been going through my brain…all summing up to that key phrase, “am i doing enough?” or “am i enough?” this is something that i think about a lot, and i think it’s something a lot of us think about – especially with how critical we can all be on ourselves. and on top of that, i’ve been trying to get over bronchitis the past couple weeks – so that made me feel like i was behind the eight (8) ball that much more. from mental fatigue to not being able to run, there’s always a little self-doubt that can creep in. and it’s those thoughts that definitely effect life…it just makes things feel a little off balance. so, what better way to “clear the mind” than with a run.

now today was my first run in about 2 weeks (bronchitis is no joke), so it was a nice and easy pace…but exactly what i needed for today. and i mean, i definitely need to get back on track with the ouc half marathon in less than a month. i can’t believe how quickly the time has flown by – but at least i still have a few more weeks. mainly, i just need to get a longer run in next weekend so that is definitely on the to-do list. but today, i was able to complete 2.23 miles at an average of a 10:32 minute pace (utilizing the 10 minute run, 1 minute walk plan). i think that is what i am going to end up trying during the half marathon…allowing myself some quick breaks.

and a big thanks to momentum jewelry, the wrap i wore today was exactly what i needed during this run (and just an overall reminder) of “you are enough.” it’s all mind over matter and sometimes there are better days than others. but finding a way to clear the mind definitely helps.

stay tuned for more training updates.

until next time

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  1. Solid run – must be warmer where you are – 38degrees F in Il but I ran anyway. I dis about the same pace and did 3.1 or 5K. Felt good but hard getting motivated. 🙏🏻


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