training galore begins


oh man, and it’s back to training after taking a week off. after our long vacation, and then jumping into the lake nona 5k, my hamstring started to get really tight and sore. so i didn’t want to take any chances and decided to rest for a week. and let me tell you…while it was amazing to get back on the road, my body was definitely sore. between my knees and hamstring, it definitely took a good .25 miles to get back into my groove.

and man, do i miss the cooler weather of ireland and germany because let me tell you, it was HOT! but thankfully i only decided to run just over a mile, so the heat wasn’t too much of a factor – seriously just amazed at how your body can get overheated in such a short amount of time. but, welcome to florida. and i was actually surprised at my pace after taking some time off. i was planning to go a little bit slower, but my stride felt pretty good so i just went with how i felt – not even really looking at my watch at all. i must say, sometimes it’s nice to just go by how your body feels, finishing 1.1 miles in 9:54.51. now i just have to train enough to keep that similar pace for my 5 mile race coming up at the end of the month. that’s the ultimate goal at least. but for now, i just need to keep an eye on my hamstring and take it easy when i need to. stay tuned for more training updates in the near future!

until next time

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