salute: part 1

ahhh, our next shipment from the grand tour wine club came in and i am so excited about the region focus…tuscany! i am a huge italian wine lover, so needless to say i was ecstatic when we opened the box. it’s always fun to see what wines are included. and honestly i’ve realized the first thing we do when we open a new shipment is immediately read the corresponding material. it really allows us to understand why the location was selected, what’s special about the location and then, of course, a breakdown of the wines.

and this past week we tried our first selection from the bunch, the le macchiole bolgheri rosso 2015. and holy smokes, my first reaction was “how can we get more of this wine?” this wine is actually the youngest of the cantina’s wines, and this particular blend is a mix of 60% merlot, 20% cabernet franc, and 10% cabernet sauvignon – AND 10% of syrah! we ended up pairing this wine with a delicious charcuterie board full of meats and cheeses, like salami, french brie, pepperoni and more. which seemed to be the perfect pair, since this wine is recommended to be paired with: roasted meats, stews and cheese, cheese, cheese!

between the meats, cheeses and wine, we literally felt like we were transported into the beautiful regions of tuscany…if only we were actually there. all i can say is…one day we will be. it’s definitely a big dream of mine to explore the different regions of italian vineyards.

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until next time

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