lake nona 5k

another weekend, another race is complete. and man, i was a little bit nervous for this one. even though it was just a 5k race, after not really running on vacation i didn’t really know how well the run would be. granted 80+ miles of walking on vacation still probably counts as a little bit of training. and thankfully, i think that did actually help.

and naturally, as florida weather would decide, it ended up being a rainy and stormy afternoon. i seriously think florida never likes to make up its mind with the weather. but the race carried on, and it ended up being pretty decent during the race. somehow i finished literally 5 minutes before the rain and thunderstorms started coming through the area again. kudos to track shack for being able to put on a great race, despite the weather.

but, how did the race actually go?! surprising a lot better than i expected. as some of you may have read, i had a 5k race literally right before we headed overseas and i only finished about 15 seconds slower than that race. and honestly, this race was not my best. the first 2 miles of the race were great, staying around the 8:45-9:00 minute pace. but by the time i got into the third mile, my body was not happy. cramping in my legs and stomach, i ended up having to run/walk the final portion of the race. and to my surprise, i was still able to average a 9:40 minute pace for that last mile – ultimately finishing the race at 28:47 official time and 15th in my age group.

but i think my favorite part of the race was seeing so many kids running during the nemours kids’ run. it’s amazing how many of those young kids are already enjoying the sport of running and embracing this incredible community together. and i must say, they were troopers because the rain was coming down hard during their races.

overall, the race as awesome and what a beautiful part of town. i will definitely be visiting the lake nona area again!

until next time

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