dublin: top 5

wow, what an incredible trip. i am so sad that our vacation is already over, but alas it is and back to the normal routine. however, although the trip is over it doesn’t mean that i have forgotten all of the amazing places we visited on our trip. so with that, i am giving you my top 5 places (food, sites, etc.) in dublin – in case some of you are world travelers and looking for some recommendations.

1. the vintage cocktail club
ok, so i think this was actually my MOST favorite place in dublin. and honestly, you can probably walk by this place 5+ times and still miss it – oh the beauty of a “speakeasy” type of place. but we found where it was and are we glad that we did. from the outside, it is a simple door with the letters VCC on it and a doorbell to the left BUT when you walk in, you are transported into this whole other world. the details were incredible?! and the cocktails…AMAZING! i had a classic french 75 while keith tried a couple different whiskey cocktails. highly recommend this place!

2. teeling whiskey distillery
now, i will be the first person to tell you that i don’t like whiskey. however even if you aren’t a whiskey drinker, din’t miss this fun tour – especially if you do have a whiskey lover with you (which keith is). i’ve never toured a distillery before and was it awesome. we got to learn so much about how they made their whiskey, the different types, etc. and yes, i even tried some once the tour ended. actually, they made this incredible whiskey cocktail – that i actually liked?! definitely will be trying to make it at home now that we are back. and fun fact, teeling is the only whiskey distillery actually located in dublin.

3. ely wine bar
another one of our favorite places, this cute little wine bar was a gem of a find. located in the heart of georgian dublin, it was the perfect location for a couple of drinks. i mean, it doesn’t hurt that we love wine – so naturally it was a perfect fit. and they even have a second location called ely bar & brasserie.

4. the long room in the old library – trinity college
ok, being a history buff this was an awesome experience. from learning about the books of kells to actually getting to walk through the long room – it’s hard not to be amazed by this. and it’s located in the beautiful trinity college, which is a bonus!

5. legit coffee
we certainly have a trend of food and drink in this list, huh?! well i’ll continue the trend with legit coffee. we were fortunate that this place was located close to where we were staying as we definitely visited this place a couple of times (in our 2 day stay). absolutely legit – see what i did there?!

now these were just some of our favorites places (as you can see we loved visiting food & drink locations), but honestly – we saw so much by just walking around the city. i think overall that was our favorite part of it all. navigating through various sections of the city and finding really unique places, in addition to the most “well-known” spots.

check back from some more trip highlights.

until next time

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