epcot f&w festival begins

well, hurricane irma has passed through the state of florida and thankfully my family and friends are safe and sound. we initially had no power, but luck was on our side and power has been restored and there was no damage to the property. we were definitely one of the lucky ones, and my heart goes out to all of those who may not have had the same luck. as a born and raised floridian, i know how terrifying these storms can be – but seeing the amount of people who have helped one another in this time is absolutely amazing. it truly shows how strong our community is. and thankfully living in orlando, we have some “vacation spots” basically in our backyard to help get our minds off the (at times) stressful storm weekend. and that’s exactly what we decided to do last night – visiting the epcot food & wine festival for the first time this year. we figured, it seemed like irma wanted to visit disney world, so it was time for us to visit too!

and wow, can i just say how much i love the food & wine festival. not like that is a huge surprise, but i was quickly reminded how much i love epcot festivals when we stepped into the park last night. it creates a completely different vibe in the park – and let me tell you, it definitely makes you feel like you are traveling the world even more! so, some of our selections last night…we were able to try some new eats, however old habits kicked in and later in the evening we started gravitating to our favorites from previous years. i mean, sometimes you just have to go with what you know. we started our “dinner tour” at active eats in future world west where we tried the loaded mac ‘n’ cheese and sweet avocado crema – and the mac ‘n’ cheese was seriously mouthwatering. so mouthwatering, that we needed to try another new location called “light lab” which has a great selection of brews to try. we decided on ordering both flights so we could try out all of the different beer selections. definitely the best choice at that location – with our favorites being the elysian brewing space dust IPA, left hand brewing company polestar pilsner and the blue point brewing company hoptical illusion IPA.

and now to our “old habit” selections – trust me, you will understand why. our first stop, the canada pavilion. i seriously cannot come to the food & wine festival without getting the melt in your mouth “le cellier” wild mushroom beef filet mignon with truffle-butter sauce. it is by far one item that i get on every visit?! some other favorites we had last night – the roast bratwurst from germany (YAY, the pretzel roll is back) and the beef empanada from the patagonia stand. you really can’t go wrong with those staples. and on top of the delicious food, i still got in a great workout walking around the park…completing just over 3 miles of walking. best way to have fun AND get exercise – walking through a theme park!

visiting orlando, or live in the area? be sure to check out the festival – going on until mid-november.

until next time

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