prepping for the storm

well, needless to say my 26 day challenge has slightly gone off track with hurricane irma coming towards florida. i’ve grown up in florida, and trust me this is even a storm that i am slightly nervous for – so with that, we’ve been prepping the past few days. but, thankfully today i was able to get out for a quick run. probably one of the last i’ll be able to complete before the storm arrives. potentially hoping to squeeze one in tomorrow morning, but that will definitely be dependent on how the weather is holding up in the area.

i must say, a quick mile was the perfect way to get my mind (slightly) off the storm this afternoon. and woof, it was a hot one…not really surprising – but man am i ready for cooler weather. averaging an 8:50 pace, i was feeling pretty good especially leading up to the track shack battle of the bands 5k next weekend. my goal is to stay around a 9:15 average pace throughout the race, so hopefully with a few more training runs i’ll be able to accomplish that for the race.

it’s seriously hard to believe that the race is so soon. i swear we just ran the celebration of running 5k?! but, it’s time to hunker down here in orlando and hope for the best. to all my family, friends and fellow floridians – STAY SAFE!

until next time

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