ready to rock

well, only a couple more days until the battle of the bands 5k. i can’t believe how quickly this race creeped up on us, especially since we lost all sense of time with the hurricane that came through. it’s amazing how staying in your house and not going to a physical location for work can really throw off all timing. but, it is here. and thankfully, keith and i were able to get out of the house and finally “get in a run” post storm. man did it feel good to get moving again.

deciding on a 2 mile run, we figured this was the best distance before our 5k on saturday. and honestly, i love having a running partner – it makes the time go by that my quicker. this training run wasn’t really about time, or pace, but more just getting the legs moving again. sitting around sometimes just gets your joints stiff (at least i know it does for me), so i needed to have a good couple miles to get my running legs back under me. and on saturday, i am hoping to stay within the 9:15 average pace range – so cross fingers after some training i will be able to accomplish that goal (or roughly around that range). as the races start to pick up, i am hoping to get a little quicker. so in my mind, my january race is where i have a goal for my quickest 5k time. but, all i can do is train and hope for the best. every runner out there knows that sometimes (even if you’ve trained your butt off), you have good days and bad days.

but, here’s to a fun weekend ahead. orlando locals, interested in joining the fun this weekend at the battle of the bands 5k and getting your mind off the storm? visit for more information and register here.

until next time

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