it’s back to running

as some of you may have seen on my instagram feed and stories, i decided to take a little break from the “running” portion of my 26 day challenge. after day 6, my knee was pretty swollen and hurting more than normal – so i decided to not be stubborn and listen to what my body was telling me. definitely one of the best decisions i could’ve made. but while i didn’t run for a few days, i was still able to keep moving through some active recovery like foam rolling, stretching and more?! i’ve realized over the years that sometimes those things are even more important in the long run to stay healthy.

while i was really glad with my decision, i must admit i was extremely excited to get back into running. and that’s exactly what i did yesterday evening. i was supposed to travel up to my five and dime workout, however after i longer day at work i wasn’t able to make it up to the group training program. thankfully, we were able to get our workout plan for the week from our coach, so i was still able to complete my planned workout for the evening. last night, our #tracktuesday workout was 4-6 sets of 800m at 10k pace. and thankfully, while i didn’t have a track nearby, i was able to find an area that was almost exactly 800 meters (that way i didn’t really have to think too much, and just focus on my pace). now with that being said, i definitely ended up going a little quicker than my 10k pace as i felt really great last night. averaging an 8:45 minute pace, i ended up finishing 4 sets of 800m – 2 miles in total. i wanted to be sure that i still took it easy, which is why i decided on 4 sets for the night.

but less than 2 weeks away from the battle of the bands 5k. interested in signing up? visit for more information!

until next time

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