prost! part 2

and the journey through germany continues…and this time with a delicious pinot noir from our latest grand tour shipment. so delicious, that i haven’t shared it with anyone yet – whoops?! and since i’ve been the only one to try it thus far, i’ve been able to pair this wine with a couple different meals – a yummy dry rub chicken (seriously one of my favorite meals that keith makes) with mashed potatoes AND a homemade taco bowl (still attempting to figure out how to make the rice like chipotle, getting close). and i must say, even with the different flavors this wine has been a steady pairing for both meals.

so…the enderle & moll pinot noir ‘liaison’ baden 2015. what a nice, smooth wine – that is typically recommended to be paired with roasted chicken, duck, morel mushrooms and more. many people also believe this duo may be the best producer of pinot noir (spätburgunder) in germany. and honesty, i can totally see why they say this. the wine has been incredible (i still have a little left to enjoy). and while this wine is described as exotic, delicate and refined, i love how stephen bitterolf of vom boden described the property on our wine shipment handout:

the estate known as enderle and moll is really just two guys, a tiny cellar, a basket press, a few hectares of old vines and a hell of a lot of buzz.

what an awesome statement, right?! it really makes you understand the variety of different estates within the wine industry. but, one more wine to try from our germany shipment?!

interested in taking the grand tour too? visit to learn more.

until next time

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