26 day challenge

hey followers! so i was recently challenged by my former bama gymnastics coach to take part in a 26 day challenge. but what does that mean, you ask? well, it can really mean anything you want it to. for me, it’s focused around “what inspires me to get out and moving!” and naturally (if you’ve followed my posts), i chose running as my primary method of activity. and honestly, as much as i love running – this is going to be a pretty big challenge for me. with some of my previous injuries, i tend to be a little hesitant to run so much. but, i am going to take on this challenge head on – and if i need to tone it back, then i will. i figure, why not?! sometimes you have to push your limits, while also still paying attention to your body. oh the balance of life.

and today was day one. and man, did we pick an awesome environment for the first day, disney’s port orleans french quarter resort. truly the beauty of living in orlando. you can decide on a whim to run on disney property. and for me, it makes me feel like i am not in my normal routine, which is definitely needed sometimes. and while it wasn’t the longest run, keith and i completed a good 1.25 miles around the resort. i think that is going to be the best way that i can maintain running consistently. complete some shorter runs throughout the week, and then focus some of my longer distance runs during the five & dime training sessions. it is all about strategy and planning out my runs in advance – which is definitely going to be a little bit of a different approach for me.

but, here goes nothing! be sure to follow my 26 day challenge journey here and on instagram: @kpmoments

until next time

p.s. on a separate note, orlando runners – port orleans french quarter has a beignet fun run every sunday at 8am! all i know is i will definitely be doing that one time…i mean how can you beat beignets?! technically, we had an unofficial beignet run today – yep, that was our post run snack!


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