prost! part 1

and the next stop on our grand tour is…GERMANY! i’m not going to lie, one of my favorite parts of this wine club is trying to guess what part of the world we will be traveling to next – through wine of course?! and my initial guess before opening our box was france, but when we saw germany we were so excited. first off, it couldn’t be more perfect timing since we are coming up on our trip to germany soon. and on top of that, we had decided to have more of a “german” family dinner that night with bratwurst and potatoes. it’s like it was meant to be.

so what did we decide to try first? well, i’m not going to lie, we broke into two bottles during our family dinner – both of the rieslings in the shipment. we thought it would be a great pairing with the dinner we had that night – AND we wanted to see if we could taste the difference between the two variations. so, the first choice…the julian haart riesling “1000L” mosel 2016. now based off our shipment notes, this particular wine is known to be described as “laser sharp with both power and delineated focus.” and this is typically recommended to be paired with flaky white fish, scallops, pork belly and summer vegetables. now to us, we felt like this bottle had slightly more sweetness to it, especially in comparison to the second bottle we tried, the weiser-kunstler rielsing mosel 2016. i couldn’t agree more to the description of this wine, “pure and pristine, that is slightly off-dry.” now, because our group tends to gravitate to more drier wines – this one slightly edged out as our favorite of the night.

now what i thought was cool about this shipment is the fact that master sommelier, dustin wilson, decided to focus on one particular importer’s wines: vom boden. check out what he has to say about the importer below:

founder stephen bitterolf has a singular focus of finding the very best of what he calls “human-scale wineries,” which essentially means that the wineries are small and usually owned and managed by an individual or the occasional couple. growers in the vom boden book are all non-interventionalists, each paying great respect to their land for what it is.

i cannot wait to see what the other wines in this shipment have in store for us!

interested in taking the grand tour too? visit to learn more.

until next time

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