mind over matter

my second five and dime workout of the week is complete! and it was exactly what i needed. i’ve come to find that running is my way to release stress and get out of my own thoughts. whether it’s a stressful day at work, knowing you have a million things to do, or just the fact that you may be prone to overthinking…running allows me to escape, it makes me feel free! and at the same time, running also allows me to challenge myself and become more aware of my body – aches, pains, all of it. after reflecting, it’s seriously amazing what this sport has done for me thus-far – and i’m not even a competitive runner!

i posted on instagram last night that sometimes all you need is a road and your running shoes (and in my case KT tape). and that could not be any more of a truthful statement. so with that motto, we hit the road last night for some mile repeats – thankfully i found my group just in time (yep, i was that girl running around the park for 30 minutes trying to figure out where my group was – rookie mistake). now i won’t lie, this is the first time that i have ever done a workout like this – so i was a little nervous for what was in store for us. typically, i go out to run and figure it out on a whim based on how i am feeling. it’s honestly been really refreshing to have a plan in place to follow, and i am already seeing results. particularly with consistency in pace, which is something i really wanted to work on. i typically stare at my watch to ensure that i am on pace, but now i am starting to actually feel my pace more. it’s definitely a transition.

so, how did my first mile repeat workout end up?

  • mile 1 – 10:10.3 minutes
  • mile 2 – 10:10.7 minutes
  • mile 3 – 10:08.0 minutes

i was completely shocked that i was able to be so consistent last night – even ending with my quickest time on the last mile. as you can see above we ended up being assigned 3 sets of mile repeats, with a 3 minute break in-between sets. which ended up being the perfect amount of time to grab a quick sip of water and ready for the next mile. but, as we head into the weekend (with probably another run planned), i want to leave you with one of my favorite quotes…

you are always stronger than you think you are.

to all of you, runner or not, always remember that. each and every one of us has an incredible strength inside of us!

until next time

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