track tuesday

start strong, finish stronger.

i’d say that was the perfect mantra for yesterday’s track tuesday session. there is something about a track workout that gets me extremely nervous, but yet also extremely excited at the same time. i think like any run, you just never really know, leading into the workout, how you’re body is going to feel…especially with the crazy heat we are continuing to have lately. but thankfully the workout went great, being assigned 8-12 sets of 400 meter laps.

now there are a couple of things that go into the decision making process for sets completed (at least for me): (1) how is my body currently feeling, typically focused on my knee and (2) how many miles am i planning to complete during the week. with that being said, initially i was lofty and had the intention of running the full 12 sets. however, after a couple sets under my belt (and knowing that i want to kick butt on thursday’s mile repeat training session) i knew i needed to take it a little easy and stick with 8 sets for the evening. but that’s what i love about this program so far. it gives me the ability to still complete an awesome workout while also being aware of my body, especially since i typically can’t put as much weekly mileage in as most people – even though there are times i really want to. but i’ve come to know how my body trains best – so i have to stick to that. trust me, there used to be a time where i was completely stubborn and thought i needed to push through every ache and pain. not so much anymore – it’s all about maintenance for me at this point.

now, just because i decided on 8 sets didn’t mean that the pace was slacking. i actually surprised myself and with my full mileage of 2 miles completed last night, i averaged a 8:42 minute pace. and that was with testing out brand new saucony triumph iso 3 shoes. i was slightly nervous changing up the brand, since i’m normally a hoka one one runner, however i felt really good in these shoes. and i think being able to switch between the two pairs will be great, and hopefully mean that my shoes will last a little longer.

less than a month to battle of the bands 5k. all i know is, if i can keep my pace consistent to my performance last night during my upcoming 5k in september, i will be one happy camper.

stay tuned for my recap on tomorrow’s workout!

until next time

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