it’s a celebration

holy smokes, i cannot believe that the first race of the track shack series is already complete. it seems like yesterday when i signed up to become a fanatic for the year, AGAIN! and let me tell you, it was the best decision to sign up for the entire series for a second year in a row. the community you get at these races is absolutely incredible. and this year, i’ve been lucky enough to be part of the incredible team track shack. seriously, even after today i am still pinching myself that i’ve been given this opportunity – and i don’t think that will ever go away.

now the goal of today’s race…HAVE FUN! we were celebrating the 40th anniversary of the track shack race series and i wanted to enjoy that special moment. and what better way to do that than to run with the person that you love?! and while i know that i have some goals in place for some upcoming races, today wasn’t about that for me. today was about being a supporter to my love and best friend. and with not being able to have the consistent training plan as of lately, he still came out and did an awesome job, finishing under 40 minutes – and i got to be there cheering for him the entire way. i seriously could not be more proud of him. honestly, sometimes i get even more appreciation for racing when i get to see it through the eyes of someone else. i mean, that’s what we are all here for right? to be supporters and share our love for running with the rest of our community.

and i think the best depiction of that today was the fact that i was able to volunteer for the mile kids race. holy smokes, talk about an incredible moment. there is something about kids accomplishing goals that just touches my heart. you can see how excited they are to not only run, but then to cross the finish line, whoa?! the simplest high five from the kids and seeing their smiles truly made my morning! those are the moments i know i will cherish forever…the ability to make that small impact – whether fast, slow, old or young!

thank you track shack for an incredible morning…i cannot wait for the battle of the bands 5k next month! interested in the upcoming race? be sure to check out track shack to learn more. trust me, you will not be disappointed.

until next time

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