wine down wednesday

well, wine down wendesday was definitely in effect last night. sometimes after a long week (yep, 3 days already seems like a long week), you just need to open a great bottle of wine and relax. and that is exactly what happened last night – breaking into our of our grand tour wines. now this past month’s shipment focused on the country of spain – and wow, have i been impressed thusfar. i don’t typically pick wines from spain, but now that i’ve tried a few – that may have to change.

so what was the wine choice of the night? we ended up selecting the guimaro, mencia 2015 from ribeira sacra, and is one of the “go to” names in the area. now a little backstory on the wine and winemaker. come to find out, pedro rodriguez (and his guimaro adega was actually one of the first wineries to join the ribeira sacra DO. and that was all the way back in 1996?! and i just love the description that was included in our shipment about this wine…

this classic tinto is a totally unoaked version from 40 year old wines, showcasing the fresh, delicate aromatic side of the spciy mencia grape.

i couldn’t agree more with the statement. the wine was extremely smooth, easy drinking – but yet had such a great personality. we decided to pair this wine with tacos last night – and funny enough, the pairing recommendations for this wine include: chorizo tacos, indian food, spicy dishes, game birds and pepperoni pizza.

interested in joining this incredible wine club? visit to learn more.

until next time

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