around the track we go

ahhh, my first track workout is officially in the books. i was definitely a little nervous going into the workout – i think because it was just unfamiliar territory for me. but hey, we have to go out of our comfort zone sometimes right?!

and what an incredible workout it was. i knew going into the workout that we’d be doing 200m, 400m and 800m runs, but had no clue to what rep scheme or pace for the day. the workout reveal (drumroll please): 2 sets of 800m, 2 sets of 400m and then 3 sets of 200m – with just over a 0.5 mile warmup. i seriously heard the workout and initially thought, whoa this should be fun. but while i had my workout assigned, it now came down to the million dollar question “what pace?” this was particularly important especially since it was a scorching day (with no cloud coverage), but i also wanted to work towards some of the upcoming goals. particular my 10k goal for march. so thanks to our wonderful coach, he helped me figure out (based off my goal) where my splits needed to be for each set.

and let me tell you, it was such a different experience to actually pay attention to splits – something i have NEVER done before! it made me feel like a professional track athlete. and i must admit, my former athlete vibes totally kicked in as the workout progressed. it’s funny how hard it is to stay consistent, especially when you start out on these laps. i few times i had to slow my pace down because i knew that i’d pay for it on the upcoming sets. it’s all a learning! but the results:

  • 800m: 4:33.74
  • 800m: 4:37.81
  • 400m: 2:16.73
  • 400m: 2:18.13
  • 200m: 1:06.83
  • 200m: 1:08.94
  • 200m: 1:07.59

i was extremely happy with the results, especially on day one. in total, i ran approximately 1.93 miles at an average pace of 8:33 (minus my warmup). definitely a lot quicker than my normal distance runs – so hopefully after some more training it will translate over into other aspects of my running. but, thursday training ahead – then the track shack celebration of running 5k on saturday.

who else is running?

until next time

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