what’s a tempo run?

yep, i had that moment last night during my training program, five & dime, where i had no clue what my coach was talking about. thankfully, right after he said tempo run (probably because he saw some blank expressions, primarily from me), he explained what that actually meant. yes in my time running, i’ve never completed a tempo run before. so basically what that meant was we had to utilize our 10k or half marathon pace throughout our mileage. i’m not going to lie, now after understanding what a tempo run is – it completely makes sense to train that way. i think majority of the time i just go at the pace i feel good at for the day – with no real structure or reasoning. and on top of that, it was incredible to run with a group of people. it is so motivating to have fellow runners around you – who push you through each mile.

another fun fact from training, it was literally the first time i almost fell completely to the ground. during our warm up run, i tripped over the sidewalk but thankfully was able to “gracefully” save my fall. i guess it was bound to happen at some point. the whole group was pretty surprised i didn’t bite the dust – i thank my years of gymnastics. but aside from my almost fall, training went great. we had the option to either complete 2-3 loops around a nearby neighborhood, in which i decided on 2 loops due to how my knee had felt on tuesday. i figured i would rather be safe and complete a little less mileage – ending up with 2.55 miles at a 9:23 average pace. and BONUS, the knee felt great.

only one more week until the celebration of running 5k – i can’t believe it?! stay tuned for more training updates.

until next time

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