think i’ll go to boston

wow, can i just say what an incredible city. i have really enjoyed my time in boston thusfar, but i must say one of my favorite parts has been getting to run through the city. naturally, putting on the running shoes was one of the first things that i did in this wonderful city. i can’t fully explain it, but getting the feeling that you probably are running the same streets as the boston marathon runners – it’s just unexplainable. and i’m really just fascinated by the history around me – yes, my history geekiness comes out through and through (cue the hamilton music).

so where did my run take me? well, to the boston common and public garden of course! now, don’t let me fool you – it was hot…seriously weather, i thought i was getting away from the florida heat and humidity. but in all seriousness, it was totally worth it. located right in the heart of boston, i completed around 1.25 miles throughout the park – keeping an under 10 minute pace. the best part? getting to see all of the amazing statues and architecture along the way. have i mentioned how much history is in this city? i mean, you don’t just see a huge statue of george washington every day on a run, well at least not in orlando – we just have more of the mouse (which i definitely equally love). and to top it off, the public garden was the first public botanical garden in america, established in 1837.

but, not only did i get in a workout running when i arrived – i even ended up walking all the way to fenway park too! i figured, what better way to see the city than on your own two feet. and the pinnacle of the evening – getting to attend a boston red sox game in “america’s most beloved ballpark.” it has literally been 20 years since i’ve set foot in that park, and it was absolutely fantastic. i really couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

what are some of your favorite things to do in boston?

until next time

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