running through beantown

happy monday everyone!

i cannot believe that the start of the track shack race series is almost upon us. heck i can’t believe that we are already approaching august, but nevertheless it’s almost here. but, i am back from boston and wow did i have a great trip. traveling up there for a work conference, i also was able to enjoy the city and explore using what else…my own two feet! and what better way to do that than run?

similar to my first run in boston, my treck took me through and around the boston common and public garden. i had missed so much on my first run that i needed to explore the beautiful, historic sites one more time. completing about 1.5 miles throughout the parks, my run also took me through some of the downtown areas of boston – running right along the freedom trail. seriously, the amount of history in this city absolutely blows my mind. and it was the perfect setting for completing the rest of my 2 mile run, averaging about a 10:30 minute pace. honestly, not my quickest run – but to me, soaking up the scenery was well worth the slower pace. sometimes you just have to stop and smell the roses! and i’m not going to lie, i may have walked back to the george washington statue, just to take a picture and quote the musical hamilton: “here comes the general, RISE UP!” if you are ever in boston, i highly recommend running through some of these historical sites right along the trail.

but many more miles to log, and less than a month until track shack’s celebration of running 5k as part of #teamtrackshack.

interested in the running the race, or signing up to be a track shack fanatic? visit to learn more.

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