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sometimes i think back to the beginning of this running journey and realize how far i’ve come, and am just amazed. i must say, i owe a lot to having the proper gear in place to ensure that i am comfortable throughout my runs (thank you to my best friend who convinced me to invest). and while i am by far not a competitive runner – the gear really does make a difference. check out some of my favorites below:

forerunner 230 and clifton 2

garmin: forerunner 230
i actually got this watch based off the recommendation from my best friend, who owns the forerunner 235. i personally decided on the forerunner 230 since i wasn’t that interested in the heart rate feature on the 235, and it has been such an incredible watch. so much, that i actually ended up buying the 235 as a christmas present for keith last year – and he has absolutely loved it. he was the one that actually figured out most of the “extra” features of the watch like changing the watch face, pace tracking, etc. check out the forerunner series here.

hoka one one: clifton 2
again, another recommendation from my friend, these shoes have been a lifesaver for me as a runner. previously having four (4) knee surgeries, you can imagine the questions i get asking me how i am running so much. some of that is limited training, but also these shoes really make me feel like i am running on air, instead of pavement. the design of the shoe allows for more cushion, in addition to less impact on the road. i actually recently purchased another style of hoka’s which have been incredible for those shorter distances, which you can check out here. if you are experiencing any knee pain, i highly recommend the hoka one one brand.

raw threads
raw threads is one of my favorite companies – especially as it relates to running clothes. combining bamboo and organic cotton – their products are incredibly comfortable, especially on those longer runs. and let me tell you, the amount of shirts (and sport bras) that i own continues to grow. check out some of the latest at raw threads.

feetures socks
i know you’re wondering – socks, really?! well to me socks have made all the difference. i normally have issues with socks sliding, leading to blisters. and who wants blisters?! the feetures brand has been the sock that i’ve found to be my perfect solution, particularly the elite ultra light no show tab sock.

#shareyourspark – momentum jewelry

momentum jewelry
a little out of the normal “running gear” – i recently got introduced to momentum jewelry. promoting positivity, this brand is focuses on helping you live a healthy lifestyle. pick one of their mantras to wear OR create your own motivate wrap with your favorite mantra. learn more about momentum jewelry here.

kt tape

i learned about kt tape when i was a gymnast in college, and let me tell you that this has been a complete miracle worker for me. as mentioned above, i’ve had quite the amount of knee surgeries and since learning about this tape…oh 10 years ago…i’ve been hooked. utilizing the same method i used during my gymnastics days, this has allowed for continued knee stability whether during a quick 2 mile run or a half marathon.

what are some of your favorites?

until next time

2 Replies to “running favorites…”

  1. I love momentum jewelry and my garmin!! I’m a Hoka Bondi fan!!

    But to add to the list of favorites…I don’t run without my Runningluv!! It wraps around your wrist or hand and you can use it to catch/wipe sweat, snot, tears or whatever runs!! I also love my Fitletic belts, this time of year the hydration belt is my favorite!!


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