new shoes, new shorts…no problem

well…i finally got back out on the road after star wars half marathon – the dark side. i definitely needed a little more time after that race to get back into the swing of things, as my body was telling me (rather pushy) to take a break and rest. thankfully, i listened to my body – something i sometimes tend to not do (bad habit from being an former athlete) – as i felt great. and as you may have noticed from the title – on this first run back, i ran with new shoes, new shorts AND had no problems whatsoever (my clever attempt to spin no shoes, no shirt, no problem)?!

i have actually been extremely anxious to get back out on the road because just prior to star wars half marathon, i bought some new shoes from orlando track shack. i was searching for a shoe that still gave me that same comfort/cushion as the hoka one one clifton 2, but gave me more of the “racer” feel of a running shoe as well. and thanks to the amazing staff at track shack, they were able to fit me for the hoka one one clayton 2 style – which after testing this shoe out today was the most PERFECT decision. i felt light on my feet, thanks to the lightness of the shoe, while also having the cushion to absorb the impact of the road (probably my biggest priority in a running shoe now after my knee surgeries). a HUGE shout out to the team at track shack for matching me with an incredible running shoe – seriously, if you are in the market for new shoes stop by the store. they are incredible over there! and on top of that, i wore a pair of new brooks running shorts – which are probably one of my favorite pairs that i own now, as the overall design (i swear) is made for a girl with bigger muscular thighs. the struggle is real – right ladies?!

but more about the run – only running about 1.25 miles, i actually felt pretty amazing averaging about a 9:12 minute pace. a little more of a shock to me as well, especially since the half marathon was by far not my best race. but it just goes to show you that sometimes it just isn’t your day, but you will always have another chance. that’s the beauty of running – there is always another day…something else to motivate you. it doesn’t hurt that i had my momentum jewelry motivate wrap to help me through as well – there’s just something about having those motivating words on your wrist as you run.

but i now ease back into shorter runs as i don’t have a half marathon until december. check back for running updates and more in the future.

until next time

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