grand tour arrival

sorry for the brief hiatus everyone – things have been a little hectic in life lately. however, do you know what makes everything better…wine – particular receiving your first shipment of the grand tour?! and i am extremely excited that this package arrived yesterday. featuring a selection from australia, master sommelier, dustin wilson, selected two whites and two reds for this particular shipment – which i would imagine will be the typical shipment for this wine club. i won’t lie, keith and i literally dove right in to the additional materials that were sent with the wines…saving actually tasting the wines until they are at the proper temperature.

and though we haven’t tasted the wine yet, the materials in the package were incredible – a quick letter from dustin explaining how he grew to love australian wines after his various trips, descriptions and pairings for all of the wines this month, and finally some tips and tricks for how to best store and drink wine. apparently we are totally geeking out over wine – but hey, it’s a fascinating thing. i think my favorite part lately is finding out how the wines even came to be…one of the very reasons why i was sold on this particular wine club. but, we cannot wait to try these wines – and stay tuned for updates on the wines, in addition to the pairings that are recommended.

until next time

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