down under vino

as promised, here is our first recap of our newest wine club membership – the grand tour by verve wine. and wow, let me tell you – one wine down out of the four in our “destination australia” shipment and we are NOT disappointed in our choice so far. so which wine did we choose to try first? the jamsheed syrah “illaj” 2015.

why did we decide on trying this one first? well, based on the recommended pairings of game meats, duck, or a meat lover’s pizza (folks after my own heart with this meat lover’s pizza recommendation) – we thought this was the best option out of the four to pair with our dinner of choice, charcuterie. and did we make the right decision! definitely a hearty and savory syrah, it paired extremely well with our cured meats and cheese. and, it actually has the ability to age for about 5-10 years.

and my favorite part about this shipment, learning more about the visionary’s behind the wine. and this wine is brought to us by gary mills, who is from western australia and actually worked as an english teacher in japan – ultimately ending up working on the vineyards of margaret river. his passion for wine led him to the united states where he studied under legendary winemaker, paul draper. pretty awesome, right?! i love hearing the journey of these winemakers – it really allows you to fully understand the wine and help you enjoy the varietal even more.

interested in joining this wine club? visit to learn more about this fantastic wine club. stay tuned for our next tasting of “destination australia.”

until next time

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