shingle creek staycation

i’m not going to lie, definitely still wishing that i was on my local staycation. it’s really amazing how even though you can only be 20 minutes from home, you still feel a million miles away – and that’s exactly what we had during our time at loews sapphire falls on friday night (see recap here), continuing into our weekend stay at the rosen shingle creek resort. this was actually my first time staying at the resort, so i was pretty excited to have a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

thankfully, we were able to have some sunlight over the weekend – it was forecasted for rain all day, every day…and has seemed to continue that trend throughout the week so far. but (thankfully) with sunlight meant, we definitely got a ton of sun…even with overcast weather, we still managed to get a little red. but it was totally worth it – because let me tell you, there is something about having a tropical drink poolside.

and overall the resort was wonderful. we even had a chance to dine at their fine dining restaurant, a land remembered. WOW?! what an absolutely incredible meal. dining in our typical fashion of about 2-3 hours, which i now like to coin our dining style, “progressive eating,” we really got to enjoy the entire night without rushing through the meal. and am i glad we did that because there was A LOT of food, and i certainly was not complaining about that. we both ordered a delicious steak, while splitting the garlic mashed potatoes and mushrooms as sides. absolutely mouthwatering – my filet literally cut like butter. and to compliment the meal, we decided on a wonderful, bold 2013 chateau beau-site french bordeaux, which was probably one of the best pairings we could’ve chosen for the evening. thank you keith.

but after such a wonderful staycation, i now am looking forward to our next adventure. so if you are itching for a vacation, try out a quick staycation in your own city. sometimes you may be surprised with what’s in your own backyard.

until next time

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