rule your mind

“rule your mind, or it will rule you.” – buddha

this quote could not be anymore true, especially in my case. i am your typical over thinker – i analyze, re-analyze and then continue to analyze situations and events. yes, i know what you’re probably thinking, “stop over thinking?!” definitely easier said than done. however with that being said, i have come to realize how i can get out of my own thoughts and use that energy through other activities…one particular activity is running. honestly, that is one reason why i love running so much. it is a time that i can escape either a bad day, or a negative thought, and channel that energy into something that will make me better. it allows me to be confident and push my body to a limit that is so hard to explain.

that is exactly what i decided to do this morning. and while i wasn’t in that over thinking mindset, i’ve realized that running gives me this sense of peace. so, i decided to change up the scenery and run around disney springs and disney’s saratoga springs resort. and let me tell you – PERFECT decision for the morning. i have actually never had the chance to run through disney springs, so that was a fun start to the run. deciding to run along the “water trail” it was so calming to see the quiet of the lake, in addition to the peace before the stores opened. it was definitely a different light to see the normally busy location. and to top it off, i was also able to run along the water trail within the resort. as i am writing this, i realize that i really just love water. ironically though, i hate going into the ocean and florida lakes. i think it’s more the sounds of the ripples and waves – and coupling that with running is a match made in heaven. this trail ended up being almost 3 miles and i surprised myself by staying under 10 minute miles…it’s been a few weeks since i’ve put the running shoes on. i guess that’s a true reflection of being one with your body and mind.

but, the workout train continues with pure barre tomorrow morning. i hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their memorial day weekend.

until next time

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