happy 1 year – eatstk

yesterday was STK at disney springs first anniversary…and naturally, keith and i decided to have a date night at STK to join in the celebration. well, i actually can’t take much credit, keith impulsively decided to make a “surprise” reservation the night before – letting me know where we were going after he made the reservation. ironically, we ate at STK right around this time last year – june 8th according to keith (yes, he looked it up after the reservations was made). and i was not complaining at all – it actually gave me a reason to dress up a little bit – trust me something that i don’t do very often. i’m the kind of girl who would be extremely happy just living in running shorts and t-shirts…but sometimes it is nice to get all dolled up, especially for date night.

and let me tell you, the night did not disappoint at all. we started out at jock lindsey’s hangar bar since we arrived at disney springs a little early – being able to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. keith started with a scotch flight, while of course i started with some bubbles. i mean, can you have a date night without it? but after a quick drink, it was time for our reservation. now if you have ever read my blog, you know keith and i love to enjoy the whole restaurant experience – which tends to lead to a very long dinner. and yet again, we didn’t come up short on timing.

to start, we focused on picking out a bottle of wine. if there is one thing that we have started to enjoy more and more (even more than we already did), is wine. i think we’ve just become so fascinated by the whole experience – where it comes from, what goes into the wine…i could go on. thankfully, we had a sommelier to help us with our decision. telling him that we wanted something a little more dry, he recommended a 2011 masi costasera amarone. yes, i know i just spoke another language (italian in fact) and this was actually a wine we have never tried before. BONUS?! after a quick sip (delicious by the way), the sommelier recommended that we decant the wine and wait about 10 minutes to let it open up…guys, let me tell you. that was seriously the longest 10 minutes ever. the wine was incredible to begin with, but he was right and the wine was even better after the wait – getting more aromas of raisin and plums.

and to compliment our wine, we decided on some mouth-watering selections from the menu. we started with grilled octopus (that was keith’s appetizer) and the little brgs, but the highlight of the meal was the main course: a 10 oz. filet for myself and a 14 oz. delmonico for keith. both topped with truffle butter, the steaks literally melted in our mouths. and complimenting our steaks with macaroni and cheese and truffle fries – could it get any better? i don’t think so. and with it being their anniversary, we were treated to a glass of bubbles and dessert to top off the night.

i don’t think we could’ve asked for a better night. and if you are visiting property, i definitely recommend visiting STK for a delicious dinner.

until next time

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