this little piggy…

from this title, you must think that i’m playing this little piggy when to the market…but really, i’m here to tell you about the polite pig at disney springs. and wow, oh wow?! visiting the location last night for my dear friend’s birthday, this was the PERFECT spot for some delicious food, a great atmosphere…and did i mentioned delicious food? i mean, it’s owned by the same owners as cask & larder and ravenous pig – so that was clue one that it was going to be mouth-watering. and holy smokes the amount of food they give you is absolutely insane?! i swear we could’ve fed an army – but we definitely weren’t complaining!

so my selections…like i said, it was a really tough choice because everything on the menu looked wonderful. but i ultimately ended up with the pork shoulder (from the smoker), with macaroni and cheese and substituted the slaw for smoked corn. and i can’t forget the hop salt pretzels for the table to share – coming with beer cheese fondue and ipa mustard. i know, you’re getting hungry already aren’t you?! everything i had was cooked to perfection. the pork shoulder was nice and tender, and i ended up pairing it with their bbq ranch – oh my goodness everyone?! it was the perfect sauce pairing for me. and the mac and cheese – talk about a creamy cheesy delight…and they use shell pasta noodle, which i won’t lie kind of threw me off that the beginning there. keith and i were even able to split the entire meal – i told you…LOTS OF FOOD!

i would highly recommend visiting the polite pig to try some of their grub – you won’t be disappointed. it’s located right near the lime garage…you can’t miss it (especially with all of those bbq smells).

until next time

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