the grand tour

i don’t know about all of you out there, but keith and i have absolutely enjoyed the documentary series somm and somm: into the bottle. well, technically we haven’t finished #intothebottle yet, but what we’ve seen so far has already inspired us to learn more about wines – where they come from, why they taste the way they do, etc. so much so that even keith went out to the store yesterday to purchase a few different dry rieslings since that was a particular wine featured in #intothebottle – allowing us to “taste test” and try to figure out the differences between the two and the make up of each. and for me, i’ve always been a big riesling fan – but as i’ve grown more into the red wine family i’ve stayed away from whites. however, i know that will now change after trying some of the more dry varieties, especially in a riesling.

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and while skimming through the somm documentary instagram page, i came across master sommelier, dustin wilson, new wine club called the grand tour by verve wine. and let me tell you – i was sold just after reading the first sentence…”explore a new wine region every month.” i know sounds silly that i could be hooked after that, but it’s actually something keith and i have been talking about for a while. we always stay very much in our wheelhouse of wines that we like – not overly exploring outside of our comfort zone much. and with this wine club, it will allow us to explore different regions – while also expanding our knowledge base of wine.

so what does this wine club get you?

  • 4 sommelier-selected wines from a different growing region each month, usually 2 whites and 2 reds but they’ll also add the occasional rosé and/or sparkling wine
  • insights on each new region including: stories from behind the wineries to tasting notes, pairings & more
  • only $95 plus shipping each month; and you can cancel, gift or renew at any time

i know we can’t wait to get our first shipment and be sure to check out their website. stay tuned for my post after we receive our first shipment.

until next time

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