who doesn’t need a little motivation on a monday?

well this week, i’m dedicated motivation monday to a wonderful company called momentum jewelry. i know i’ve written about them before, but more recently i was able to order a custom-made motivate wrap and the experience was just absolutely amazing. if you haven’t seen my previous post, here is a little background on the company…”momentum jewelry is a company that prides itself on motivation, passion and living a healthy lifestyle. and we all know that sometimes (normally at some point of every day) we need that little motivation – to get us through a project at work, to get us through that run, or even just a friendly reminder for the day. and not only that, but 5% of their profits are donated to a few organizations that do incredible work with our nation’s youth like girls on the run.”

and not only do they stand for so many incredible things, but they are extraordinary people. like i mentioned above i recently ordered a custom wrap through them – but as i was going through the process, i realized that my quote was actually slightly too long to fit on the charm (naturally, i wanted a star wars quote – “i find your lack of faith disturbing”). but in realizing that i was slightly over the character limits, i decided to email the team to see if there was any possibility to get this quote on a motivate wrap. i know it sounds silly, but this quote is seriously a daily reminder to always have faith and never doubt. literally within a couple hours, i heard back from the team with an idea on how they could make it work. i was so excited?! and literally the next day, they sent me an image of my new custom charm for my bracelet. talk about a quick turnaround – but more so, amazing customer service which is something that goes a long way for me!

and since then, i’ve been able to already utilize my new bracelet for constant motivation during runs (particular my latest one this past sunday) to even in the workplace. is it time to find your spark?! check out momentum jewelry on their website, which features their motivate wraps, footnotes, sparklets and much more. and right now until may 10th, get 15% off your order by using the code: sharethespark15 – just in time for those upcoming graduations and holidays.

until next time

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