#derbyday at crooked can

who doesn’t love a good day at a local brewery? i know we do, and that’s exactly how we spent the early part of saturday morning – enjoying the afternoon leading up to the derby, now, i won’t lie – i’m not the biggest derby fan, more so i just have never overly followed it. when the horses race, i am completely fascinated at how the horses are in such tip top condition. but it gives us a reason to gather with friends, enjoy the company and just have some fun.

and i mean, who can resist custom made beer for derby day? thankfully crooked can was hosting a weekend full of events for cinco de mayo, derby day and their 2 year anniversary…we just happened to be there on saturday which meant, a mint julep belgian strong ale as their featured beer of the day. and whoa, what an incredible brew. definitely strong in nature, hence belgian strong, so there weren’t a lot of glasses consumed of this ale – however, it was extremely unique and definitely up keith’s alley reminding him of an actual mint julep. now my favorite of the day was a newer brew that i tried called the black rye IPA…seriously one of my new favorites. thank goodness for flights because that’s exactly how i tried it – deciding to take some risks on beers that i normally won’t go all in on and get a full glass right from the beginning. and to my surprise, i found some beers that i loved that i normally wouldn’t purchase. got to love it!

and to our surprise, there is now a central florida ale trail in which crooked can is part of. with these brew tour, all you need to do is visit all of the breweries in the central florida area – AND once your map is fully stamped, you received a central florida ale trail branded growler. in addition to a growler, from that point on if you bring the central florida ale trail growler to a participating brewery, you receive $1 off fills. pretty awesome, huh?! we can’t wait to visit the rest of the breweries in the area – and be sure to follow our journey as we do.

until next time

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