star wars celebration #swco2017

so, i am definitely a little late in posting this recap BUT i absolutely had to follow up. star wars celebration was actually the first every con that i have been to – and let me tell you, it was a complete whirlwind. thankfully keith was able to visit the convention center the couple days prior to our visit together because if not, i would’ve been totally lost?! i was just so amazed by all of the moving pieces of the convention – from the panels to the show floor and the cosplayers…it was an incredible sight to see.

now don’t let me fool you, even though i wasn’t able to visit the convention on the major panel days – i was watching…i mean how can you not live stream the panel to watch the new trailer?! which how excited is everyone for that? i know i cannot wait until december – it certainly can’t get here soon enough to see this movie.

but saturday was our day to visit the convention. and i was amazed by all of the people in costumes – come to find out, the cosplay competition was later that day. and wow?! the amount of effort everyone puts into these costumes was incredible – and i swear some of them seriously looked like the actors. i was totally geeked out – and thankfully we were fortunate enough to get to the celebration store with more of a minimal wait time than normal…i mean we had to get our gear to represent afterwards. and trust me, i’m pretty sure both of us have worn all of the shirts that we purchased since then (maybe even in the next days after the show). not only was the celebration store incredible, but to see all of the other vendors there with memorabilia was insane. i had no clue that there was this much out there. AND…i’m not going to lie, it was pretty cool to see the star wars live show on the convention floor.

overall, it was an amazing time – especially for all of us star wars nerds out there. now, keith and i just need to find our way out to san diego for comic-con (definitely a bucket list for keith).

also, don’t forget to check out the awesome video lucasfilm put together to say thanks to the fans (below).

until next time

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