heading into #starwarshalf

whoa, only one more run to go before #starwarshalf – the dark side on sunday. time, slow down please?! in reality, i couldn’t be any more prepared for this sunday – i mean it is my 4th half marathon within four months, never thought i would EVER say that in my lifetime. and quite honestly, this is truly going to be icing on the cake for me considering i’ve already PR’d this year – takes that “internal pressure” off since i know that i’ve already hit my goal.

but down to yesterday’s training run…i was very fortunate to have a fellow #nbcurunningclub member run with me for my last “longer” training run. completing a 5k, i ended up utilizing the strategy that i plan to use on sunday – run for 1 mile and walk for 1 minute. i figure that this will give me some great breaks in-between my short running bursts. and with our heat advisories already coming into play, i think this will be a great way to ensure that i stay hydrated. i’m not going to lie, i was pleasantly surprised with my results from the run, averaging right around a 10 minute mile – even with the walk breaks?! but, all that is left is a quick 1 miler tomorrow and then it’s rest and recovery prior to sunday’s race.

speaking of which, here are a few tips leading into and for race day (especially for you first timers out there)…

  • hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
    i even need to be better at this one. make sure you hydrate before, during and after the race – especially in this florida weather. trust me, it can get brutal sometimes, even in the early mornings.
  • print your waiver before expo
    be sure to print off your race waiver prior to heading over to the expo. it will allow for a quicker process to pick up your race bib at espn wide world of sports.
  • lay out your race outfit and gear the night before
    this may sound like a silly tip, but i know (in my case) i like to layout my outfit, gear, shoes, etc. the night before a race. that way i can ensure that i don’t forget anything the next morning. i mean, sometimes waking up that early can totally lead to forgetful brain?!
  • charge your watch
    the last thing you want is for your watch to die during the run. i know my watch is truly an extension of me when i run – i don’t know what i’d do without it?!
  • fuel your body
    again, this may seem like a no brainer. be sure to stick to your typical eating habits. trust me, i’ve had that mistake before – your stomach will not like you, even with the most subtle change.
  • arrive early on race day
    this one is a big one for me. i am a huge early bird, so i alwasy recommend getting to the race location a little earlier than most – besides you can take advantage of the fun character meet and greets AND less lines for the bathrooms.
  • have fun
    if this is your first half marathon, or you are a total veteran, don’t forget to have fun. while i know all of us have our personal goals, remember you are truly doing an amazing thing by finishing this race – that is something to be proud of!

hope to see some of you out on the course! until next time.

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