meeting a master somm

meeting george miliotes

well, it’s not every day that you can say that you’ve meet a master sommelier?! and that’s exactly what happened to keith and i last friday when on a whim we decided to eat at flying fish at disney’s boardwalk inn and villas resort.

initially wanting to head over to disney springs, our decision quickly changed after we saw that all of the parking was completely full – garages, flat lots – you name it, it was packed?! so after a little driving around, we ended up at another favorite place of ours, disney’s boardwalk. now, keith and i have been talking for a while now about going to flying fish since it’s been a while since i had dined there, and keith had never been. so we took the chance and decided to grab a seat at the bar and enjoy a wonderful dinner.

now this is where the story gets good – as we walk into the restaurant, we are greeted by a nice man – ultimately asking him if we were good to just grab a seat at the bar (apparently we looked like we knew what we were doing). but as we sat down, i couldn’t help but think that i had seen this person before. so naturally i start researching – initially, i thought he may be a former disney executive that i may have run into as an intern at disney – but then it clicked…it was george miliotes, owner of the upcoming restaurant at disney springs, wine bar george. of course, we asked the bartender to be sure – but wow?! the fact that a master somm was at this restaurant was absolutely amazing to us – even more so, he was helping in all aspects of the restaurant. it was quite an awesome sight to see.

and as we were leaving the restaurant, after the most mouthwatering meal i may add, we had the opportunity to meet george – with maybe telling him that we would definitely be spending some more time with him in the future (clearly we are excited for wine bar george to open up). he was such a joy to meet – sincere, welcoming and we even got to take a picture with him and talk about the somm experience as we recently watched the documentary on netflix. we thought watching the documentary made us nervous for those guys, imagine hearing it straight from someone who went through it?! if you haven’t watched the documentary, i highly recommend it. it gives you a whole new perspective on the process.

thank you george for making our night – we can’t wait to visit wine bar george when it opens!

until next time

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