t-1 day until #darkside

the day is almost here?! i’m not going to lie, i am definitely starting to get the pre-race day nerves…even with this just being a fun race. however, i guess that never goes away – sometimes i think it actually helps. i think i am just ready to be at the start line, see those fireworks go off…and be off to the races. i mean there really is just something about these disney races?!

and the fact that one year ago, i was running the dark side challenge – as my very first half marathon (just with an added 10K) – insane. i still don’t know what i was thinking signing up for both – though i would probably do it again looking back?! it’s just crazy to me that i have leapt in with no turning back – running all over the place. well not literally, but you know what i mean. and i have my best friend to thank for getting me into this incredible community – and ever since, the runner’s community has kept that force going – see what i did there?!

but as i head into tomorrow, i know that the preparation is complete – and now it’s just time to have some serious fun. and for those of you running tomorrow, remember to stay hydrated – and more importantly, soak it all in (first timer or not). see you all out there.

until next time

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