#teamgolf – ioa corporate 5k

wow, what an incredilbly fun evening with what i would call the best team around – #teamgolf. this was the second year that i’ve participated in the ioa corporate 5k, and again it didn’t disappoint. known as orlando’s largest office party, located in downtown orlando, there were approximately 17,000 runners in attendance last night – crazy, right?! it truly shows how amazing the running community is – and really how awesome the orlando community is, so much support! between your co-workers and all the fellow runners around you, if definitely pushes you to keep going and have a great race. so the results…28:54?! i was pretty excited about my time as i consistently stayed around a 9:15 pace throughout the entire race. definitely great training leading up to star wars half marathon – the dark side.

now as much as this is definitely a fun run – i’d say that our group is a little bit competitve, especially when competing against the other companies in orlando. but ultimately, while we are competitive, this event is an awesome way to celebrate with your fellow co-workers and participate in something together outside of the normal office setting.

only a few more days the star wars half marathon – the dark side. i can’t believe this is going to be my fourth half marathon this year already?!

until next time

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