kicks on route 66

whew, it’s been a little bit since i’ve been able to write – schedules have been crazy, while also traveling a bit – so much activity in the past week?! but i am writing from tulsa, oklahoma where one of my dear friends just got married. and with traveling to new states means running in a new location. and this one i think may top all of the rest…i mean how many times can you say that you’ve actually run on route 66?

staying at the campbell hotel, located right off of the historic road, i was able to actually run to and through the university of tulsa – just a few blocks away. and wow, what a beautiful campus. between the buildings, the various lawns areas and athletic facilities, the campus was a perfect location for a quick 2 mile run before the wedding festivities began. it also made me feel a little less guilty about eating all that food – but who are we kidding, i would’ve done that anyways. and with the star wars half marathon – the dark side quickly approaching, i am starting to taper down my runs and getting prepared for race day – testing a variation of the run-walk method, running 1 mile and then walking 1 minute. i figured this would be the perfect race to try out the method, especially since i have already hit my PR goal for the year. after averaging a 9:29 minute mile on this run, i think this will allow me to properly take breaks instead of pushing myself to a limit earlier on in the race – something that i’ve struggled with previously in races.

that’s the true beauty of running – you can always test and try new ideas and methods, ultimately figuring out which one may be best for you. it’s our time to be fully aware of our bodies – what a cool concept, right?!

well, only 14 more sleeps until the half marathon – where is the time going?!

until next time

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