t-10 days until the dark side

holy smokes, time is flying. only 10 more days until star wars half marathon – the dark side. i cannot believe it. it seems like yesterday that i registered for this race, but nevertheless it’s here. which means, one more training run is under my belt with only a few more to go until the big day.

and on this past run, i actually had to test out my new sparkle skirt (new to #teamsparkle) – and yes i actually ran around my neighborhood in a sparkly skirt, you just have to embrace it especially in a non-race setting. i have never owned a running skirt before, so this was definitely a new experience for me – needing to make sure that i was good to go prior to race day. thankfully, all felt great and i am ready for next weekend – now i just have to make my race shirt…you’ll have to check back later to see what i decide on…any guesses?

so how did the run go? well, just a quick mile around the neighborhood (averaging a 9:24 minute pace) – i have been feeling pretty great leading up to this race. maybe it’s because i’m not so focused on a PR, but i’ve been truly getting into my stride a lot more than normal. let’s just hope my groove continues over the next 1.5 weeks. AND the best part is, i actually have a race that is built into my training schedule tonight – the ioa corpoate 5k in orlando (#teamgolf). i cannot wait to run with my fellow co-workers and just enjoy this wonderful event.

be sure to check back tomorrow for my race recap. and stay tuned for more posts leading up to the dark side – maybe even a special post about star wars celebration

until next time

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