winter park road race 10k

well, it’s now the end of the track shack running series. i cannot believe that we’ve already finished up the 6 races of the season – and this one could not have been a more perfect ending. as i mentioned yesterday, there were a ton of emotions leading up to this race. the main one being nervousness, as i have not been able to train as much as i would’ve liked to prior to this 10k. but, sometimes you just have to trust your instincts and then hope for the best – and am i glad that i decided to listen to my body and rest up a little bit.

now that definitely doesn’t mean that today’s race was a piece of cake (there were definitely moments of struggle), but i did end up hitting my goal for the race – finishing in 1:00:59 (according to the official results). how i finished that quickly, i have NO CLUE?! i literally have only ran about 3 miles since gasparilla half marathon, so i knew this would be a lofty goal –¬†especially since in my peak training, i tend to stay around the 1:02:00 mark. but, i did it – an official PR! i was completely shocked and thrilled all at the same time crossing that finish line. and like i mentioned, this wasn’t even my best race – having to stop a couple times due to fatigue and overheating. so to know that i still have room for improvement – WOW?! i guess that just means in the future, i will be trying to track down that sub 1 hour mark.

but overall, i was so proud to finish out this series. and to be able to see a few folks that i knew out there on the course – icing on the cake. it’s amazing how many people gravitate towards running – not only as a challenge, but for the whole atmosphere. quite honestly, becoming a track shack fanatic last year was such an incredible investment. and if you are thinking about becoming a track shack fanatic – do it! i could not say more great things about this series (and races in general). track shack really knows how to take care of their runners. an absolutely wonderful team, amazing events – what more could you ask for?!

but, there are still more races in the future: the ioa corporate 5k (team golf, what?!) and star wars half marathon: the dark side.

until next time

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