t-1 day to winter park 10k

whoa, i cannot believe it’s already one day until the winter park road race 10k. and i am feeling so many emotions, especially this close to the race.

first, nervousness. i definitely have not been able to train as much as i would’ve liked to prior to this race – mainly because my body has seriously been telling me to rest up after all the races earlier in the year. to the point that i actually had to stop short on a run due to pain in my left back/shoulder/chest area, which hasn’t really happened to me before. sometimes i tend to be a little stubborn and not fully listen to what my body is telling me, but in this case i decided it was the best thing to do. i’m sure all of you runners have had some similar experiences?!

second, excitement. i mean who doesn’t get excited for upcoming running races. the amount of rushes you get prior to the race, during and then after – there is nothing like it. and the fact that you can be at such an incredible low during a race, but then next thing  you’re finishing the race saying “when’s the next one?” – it’s amazing how your mind controls so much. and honestly, this is one of my favorite races of the track shack series. i love the distance (i’ve grown to realize 10k is definitely my sweet spot for long distances), and you couldn’t pick a more beautiful place to run – winter park.

third, hitting my goal. not as important, especially with the lack or training – however, i would love to be able to et as close to finishing in 1 hour as possible. lofty goal – but i figure, why not?!

be sure to check back tomorrow for race results and a recap of the race.

until next time

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